Lush Haul

If there is one store that I could spend hours in just browsing, it would be Lush. I went into my local store just to buy myself one tiny thing and guess what? I came home with a nice large bag of treats. My favourite time of the year to shop with Lush is during the Autumn and Winter. Not only do I make the most use of my bathtub during the colder months but it's also when Lush brings out their limited edition Halloween and Holiday items. My favourite time of year.

The reason I even went into Lush was to buy one of their solid shampoo bars. I've never tried on of these but I've heard nothing but great things. I've got super oily hair so the wonderful lady in the shop recommended I buy Montalbano.  It's got the most lovely lemony scent that is so fresh and nice, it would be perfect to wake you up on an early morning. After just one use I'm already in love. I was a little bit skeptical on whether or not it would give a good enough lather but I'm so impressed. It's left my hair feeling amazing, shiny and not at all weighed down. Just perfect!

To go with my new shampoo I obviously had to get a new conditioner. Like the shampoo bar, I have only used Veganese conditioner once so far and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. It's filled with seaweed gel to soften hair and lemon oil (perfectly paired with the Montalbano shampoo) to keep your hair nice and glossy, I really think it works wonders. This stuff left my hair feeling so soft, I can't stop touching it. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this so I only bought the 100ml bottle but I know once I'm through with it I'll be going back to grab the largest size available. 

Since I knew I was stopping by Lush I brought along five empty Lush pots to get my free face mask. I normally go for Cupcake but more often that not it's sold out, so I opted for something new and picked up Cosmetic Warrior. This mask is great for breakout-prone skin, my skin isn't too bad it's just very oily and I get quite a few blackheads. Cosmetic Warrior promises to fight against breakouts while giving you soft, clear and soothed skin. After using this, my skin felt so clean and any redness was immediately gone. The only downside to this stuff is the smell. It's made with garlic which is not exactly mouthwatering, but if you can handle the smell I think it's quite worth it.

Now onto the real fun stuff. First we've got the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar, which is so incredibly glittery that I've left gold glitter fingerprints all around my bedroom. I haven't tried this one before but I am quite enthusiastic about putting it to use. It smells quite bright and citrusy which is nice, but I would have preferred something a little bit more fitting to the season. 

The three bath bombs pictured above all came in the Firecracker gift set (which for some reason isn't on the Lush website - sorry!). The bath bombs are Cinders, which usually comes out with the Lush Christmas products. It has a sort of cinnamon scent, perfect to warm you up on cold wintery nights. This is one of my favourites from the Christmas collection so I'm quite glad to have one in my possession as early as September! Next there is Lord of Misrule, which is available on it's own (for a limited time, it's a Halloween product). I got this one last year and I really enjoyed it! It starts off green and turns your bath water the prettiest wine colour. It has a sort of herbal yet spicy scent and it really softens your skin. I think Lush is coming out with a shower gel of this scent, which is neat because I really do love the lingering smell of this one. And finally what I'm most excited about - the Experimenter! Currently, this bath bomb is only available in the Lush Oxford Street store, but if you can find a Firecracker gift set you can try it out. It's huge, colourful and glittery - my favourite characteristics of a bath bomb. The scent is quite sweet, you can definitely smell some vanilla in there which is nice. I've read so many positive reviews on this guy and I've seen some videos of it being put to use and all I can say is that I am real eager to try this one out!

Well that's everything that I bought! Let me know what your favourite Lush products are!

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Lemon Bars

Today's recipe comes from Ree Drummond (the Pioneer Woman). These lemon bars are not only wonderfully tasty, but they're the perfect dessert to make as summer comes to it's close. The recipe (which you can find over here) is easy to follow and I didn't need to make any adjustments, they're great just as they are - incredibly refreshing and deliciously tart. And pair well with a hot cup of tea.

I really like these bars because the base to filling ratio is superb. I don't like a thin and flimsy crust to my lemon bars, so I'm very pleased with these substantially bottomed-bars and how well they hold the lemony filling. I honestly can't think of a single fault with these lemon squares. I can ramble on for several more paragraphs about just how deliciously tangy and sweet-tooth pleasing these are but I wont. Just take my word for it and get into your kitchen and start zesting and squeezing your lemons. I demand it.

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