Mermaid Hair

We have all seen the Little Mermaid and I'm probably not alone when I say that whenever I went swimming as a child I would dunk underwater only to spring back up in attempts to recreate Ariel's famous hair flip (this gif!!!!!). She has always been my favourite out of all the other Disney princesses and I think it's mostly due to the fact that we both have red hair and I just really wanted a seashell bra. Ariel has always been my main hair inspiration and after a few years of "just give me a trim!" and debating whether or not to just chop it all off during the hot summer months, my hair is finally long enough to rival hers. Now that my hair is just how I like it I want to treat it as nicely as possible. So, I bought Mermaid Hair shampoo and conditioner from Mermaid Perfume and it's pretty much me in a bottle. Okay, okay. When I first went looking for this stuff I really didn't know much about it. You know how magpies are attracted to shiny things? I'm just drawn to most things mermaid related. It's a sickness, really. I bought it on a whim and oh my gosh I am so happy that I did because I really love this stuff. A lot. First of all, the shampoo and conditioner are completely natural and sulfate-free as well as cruelty free - so you're being nice to your hair and animals. Plus it smells of orange blossom and coconut so it basically transforms your shower into a tropical island paradise. Yeah, it's that great. The smell sadly doesn't linger for too long but I'm really happy with how soft my hair has been feeling.

For $60 you get an eight ounce bottle of shampoo and an eight ounce bottle of conditioner, which is pretty pricy. I used this stuff throughout my trip to the Bahamas and now that I'm home I have only been using it on days where I would like to feel a little bit more mermaid-y. I'm not even half though the bottles yet so it's lasting me quite nicely and I am definitely considering repurchasing once I run out. If you want to be a mermaid like me but don't want to shell (unintentional mermaid pun) out so much money on your hair, the company also makes perfumes (which I am so tempted to buy!) and candles which you can browse by clicking here.