What's in my bag?

First of all... Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a magical holiday season and started off the new year right! I had a spectacular Christmas and have been stuffing my face with leftover Christmas cookies and chocolates ever since. But anyways... Since some of my favourite posts to read (and Youtube videos to watch) are the What's in my bag? ones, I decided to do one myself. For Christmas my parents bought me this beautiful (and vegan!) leather bag from Free People. It is so roomy inside and perfect to fit all my belongings and would also be able to hold my big DSLR camera on days out! There aren't any pockets inside and I'm okay with that. The bag came with a big removable zippered pouch that could easily fit a laptop, as well as a smaller, removable pouch (the beige one pictured above) that attaches to the inside. The bag itself has  an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, is reversible (the interior is cream) and has a magnetic closure.

The contents of my bag change all the time but this is what I will currently be carrying with me. Another Christmas gift from my parents is the gorgeous Alexander McQueen scarf. I was so surprised when I unwrapped it, I was not expecting it at all! A lot of the stuff I carry around is what you would typically find in anyones handbag, like a wallet (my sparkly glitter one is by the brand Deux Lux), keys (keychains are from Michael Kors and Ladurée), cosmetics and gum. I'll also always be carrying around my iPod for long walks or car/bus/subway rides as well as my iPhone (the cute, pink kitty case was from a vendor at the Toronto CNE) and a charger. It has been very cold here lately (like -30 celsius!!!!!) so I always keep a pair of gloves with me. The pair pictured above were a Christmas present from my sister from Roots. I'll also usually have some type of hat or headband on me as well, the pretty cream coloured headband shown was another Christmas gift from Urban Outfitters, given to me from my best friend.

In small, separate pouches (the "Poppy" pouch is from Coach) I keep lip balms, whatever lipstick I am wearing that day, a makeup remover pen, blotting papers, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, bandaids and tissues. I also keep a few hair ties and bobby pins. I will usually keep my eyeglasses in my bag as well, this pair is from Ray Ban. The last thing kept in my bag is a 2014 agenda and a silver pen. The agenda is from Chapters and I've started writing in all important future dates. I'm hoping that it will help keep me organized this year!

I think I've covered everything and I hope you have enjoyed snooping through my stuff! Let me know what your must-haves for your handbag are! x