Wish List | Three

Since both Christmas and my birthday are coming up, I thought I would do a little wish list. Now, I know some of these are a little bit pricy (ahem, that McQueen scarf) and I am not expecting to receive these as gifts, absolutely not! These are just some ideas of what items I may want to spend any Christmas or birthday money I may receive on. 

The first item on my list is the super adorable Instax Mini 8 instant camera from Fujifilm. I have wanted to get this for so long now, but it seems to be sold out almost everywhere I've looked. I really want to make a collage of pictures to stick on the side of my wardrobe. Hopefully by the time my birthday rolls around in January it is back in stock. The second item I'm lusting over is the magical Horse and Carriage necklace from Tatty Devine. How cute is it?! I love anything relating to Disney princesses and this necklace is just so perfect and dainty. It would look so precious over a collared shirt.

If you know me, you know that I love cats. I love anything related to cats - accessories, clothes... If it's got a cute cat on it, I want it. So, obviously when I saw these Cat Face Studs from Catbird I immediately wanted them. And at $32 they aren't going to make wallet significantly lighter! The next product I'm eager to get my hands on is this Mermaid Perfume. I first heard about this perfume from Megan, who writes the Briar Rose Blog. Not only is the name and packaging right up my alley, but it smells of orange blossoms! So perfect!

Another beauty product I'm just dying to try is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. This palette includes three different finishing powders that mimic various types of lighting. Each shade also does something for your complexion. This palette includes Dim Light, which blurs imperfections and highlights; Radiant Light, which enhances your complexion all while providing you with a healthy summer glow; and finally Incandescent Light, which is a limited edition shade that highlights and helps make your skin glow. This palette is limited edition and currently sold out (boo!) but you can purchase these shades (plus a few more!) separately, which I may prefer to do. Radiant Light looks like it may be a bit too bronzed for my fair skin.

One thing that I've wanted for a while is a nice everyday bag, one that is big enough to hold everything that I need to carry from day to day. A lot of the designer bags that I've always dreamt of owning are made from real leather and I want to try to abstain from buying leather goods from now on. I went on a search for cute vegan leather bags and I found this Slouchy Vegan Tote from Free People. It's just roomy enough to hold everything I need to and completely cruelty-free. The final item on my wish list is the most costly and luxurious. I have wanted this Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf for so long now, I've actually had dreams about owning it! I know the price is a little steep for just a scarf and I don't think I could ever justify buying it - but I needed to include it in this list!

So, those are just a  few of the things I've been dreaming of buying lately! What's on your Christmas list this year? I'd love to know! x


  1. I just got that instax mini in white (for early christmas present... thank you, black friday) & am sooo excited! Its been on my list for years! I'd highly recommend so far. :) I've had my eye on that hourglass palette as well! Nice wish list!

    1. Oh that makes me so happy! There is nothing worse than wanting something for far too long and finding out it's not as great as you hoped! x

  2. That yellow camera looks so cool! I really love that necklace as well.
    Ooh, you always get lots of presents by this time of the year then since your birthday is coming up soon. I hope you will get some of these things you wish for!

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  3. This is actually my perfect wishlist! I'd love that camera and the hourglass palette x


  4. i want the camrea so bad! ive herd the best reviews about it!


  5. That horse and carriage necklace is so pretty. It's my birthday coming up too and I definitely don't have a list as good as this! Hope you have a lovely birthday Emily :) xx

  6. I love that camera and I've always wanted to make a little photo collage on my wall. That necklace is so cute as well :)


  7. I have wanted an Instax for so long too! I have never actually seen a bright yellow one before though.

    This is such a nice wishlist! And oh, a bottle of Mermaid perfume would be lovely too...

    I posted my Christmas wishlist recently if you would like to take a peek: http://windsweptwishesx.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/dear-santa.html

    xx Carina.
    P.S I just found your blog and I love it! It's such a happy space :) I'm a new follower for sure

  8. The necklace is beautiful! I'm obsessed with all things Disney too, and I always love looking at Disney-inspired things. Thanks for sharing this one. :)

    Stephanie | Love, August

  9. That Mermaid Perfume sounds amazing!

  10. Great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  11. fab picks!! I have been lusting after the black and white mcQueen scarf, and hourglass palette for ages :) xx