Manhattan Photo Diary | Part One

This past Thursday I packed up my bags and headed to Manhattan for a few days with my mother, my sister, my best friend and her mother. After a quick flight we arrived at La Guardia airport and took a taxi to our hotel. I have never been to New York City so I was incredibly excited to be there. My eyes were probably the size of dinner plates looking out the windows of our cab at all of the bright lights. We made plans for a late dinner that night so once we got to our hotel we relaxed for a bit and got ready to head back out.

One of our main priorities while visiting was to head over to the restaurant Serendipity 3 for dinner. Serendipity is one of my favourite movies, so it was such a treat to visit the actual restaurant they used for filming. Luckily we made a reservation ahead of time as the entire place was bursting with people. I ordered the Alamo Burger, a spicy black bean burger, it was very delicious. My sister Laura and my friend Stephanie's food looked really great as well. Laura ordered a burger, while Stephanie opted for shrimp fettuccine. For dessert we ordered the famous Frrrozen Hot Chocolate to share. It was amazing! Once we finished up our hot chocolate we headed back to our hotel to get some sleep as we needed to get up early for the next morning. This dinner was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

The next morning after breakfast we bundled up and got on the subway to lower Manhattan to visit the 9/11 Memorial. It was so cold walking from the subway down to where the memorial was located, but there were so many festive displays and lights it wasn't too bad. We also saw the nearly complete One World Trade Center, which was very tall and impressive. The memorial itself was incredibly beautiful and touching. I thought it was very well done as well as quite heartbreaking. 

On a much more lighter note, we got back on the subway and headed back up towards Fifth Avenue. Our first stop was at the Lindt store which was amazing! There were so many flavours that I have never even seen. I really regret not buying a whole bag full. Ah, oh well. We did quite a bit of walking and eventually made our way to the famous F.A.O  Schwarz. It was a bit of a nightmare of screaming children and busy shoppers inside, but I'm happy we stopped by. My favourite part was all of the candy displays and gigantic gummy bears and all of the super adorable Hello Kitty merchandise. We pushed and squeezed our way out of the store and walked across the street towards the Plaza hotel where we stopped to take a quick peek inside. It was decorated so beautifully for the holidays and the interior was so extravagant and lovely. As expensive as it may be I really hope to go back to New York one day and actually stay there! 

After leaving the Plaza we walked back up Fifth Avenue, passing plenty of high end stores that were immaculately decorated for Christmas. We went into Bergdorfs for a quick browse but it was much to crowded to stay for too long. We visited Henri Bendel next and I immediately fell in love. We spent quite a few hours browsing through the makeup counters and accessories, I even got my makeup done which was quite nice. Shopping worked up quite an appetite so we walked up to the third floor cafe and sat down for a cappuccino and delicious vanilla macarons. 

I figured I would split up my time in Manhattan in two or three separate posts as I took quite a lot of photos. I hope you've enjoyed my first photo diary and look forward to part two tomorrow!

{ View part two of my Manhattan photo diary here }


  1. I love the pics! Especially of the candy <3 Holly xx


    1. Thank you! All the candies looked so delicious! I wanted to eat everything!

  2. Loved the photos. I really hope some day I'll be able to go there, it's on top of my travel bucket list :)


    1. It's definitely a spectacular city! Especially at Christmas time, it's just so magical!

  3. I love New York, it's an awesome city and reminds me a lot of home! I love the Christmas trees all around - so so pretty!
    Stephanie | Love, August

  4. beautiful photographs! I am heading to NY for the first time next fall - I can't wait! thanks for sharing your trip with us! xx